Saturday, March 13, 2010

Comic Book Review: Secret Six #19

Book Information
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Calafiore

The Six go on a mercenary mission to save one of their own, Black Alice.  As new character developments arise within this event, we also see a large twist in the story as Catman is given a choice beyond measure…Kill his teammates, or loose a loved one.

My Thoughts
Issue #19 of Secret Six might very well be one of my favorite issues to date of the title.  In addition to creating awesome plot twists and cliffhangers, Simone now seems to be delving into the development of her characters a little more now, which causes for even better storylines to arise.  A lot of the stories in the first 18 months of this title have mainly dealt with Bane and Scandal Savage.  This issue’s focus, however, puts Ragdoll and Black Alice in the forefront while Catman is ready to show his true colors.

Apart from the sheer awesome black outfits worn by Deadshot and Catman, Ragdoll shows that he isn’t just the team’s comic relief.  His attack on the cultist ringleader was a testament to the Six that he can be just as brutal and deadly as the rest of them.  After the leader fell, I drop the book in my lap, looked up and said “This is a new side of Ragdoll I’ve never seen before!”  And while my wife gave a confused, cocked eyebrow look at me, I went back to reading.  Now I find that not only is Black Alice grateful towards Ragdoll for saving her life, she has become immediately smitten with him.  This could turn out to be an incredibly fun plot device for Simone for future issues.  It only showed me that, while still being a dramatic and angst driven book, it still has that light-hearted and fun aspect to it.  Especially when you have scenes like this…

When it comes to cliffhangers, I’m beginning to believe that Simone is the best!  I’m fully convinced that Catman could be more dangerous than Deadshot given that the right emotional trigger is pulled.  Catman is typically very in control of his emotions, but with this particular phone call, I have a feeling we might see a side of Catman unlike ever before.

J. Calafiore brought it up even more from last month.  I loved his attention to detail along with his mastery of shading and sexy and gothic characters.  I felt his visual approach to Mr. Macquarrie was a little strange, but I’m assuming that was the point.  But I do believe he and Simone are starting to work well with each other.  His men and women are becoming sexier as he furthers his work in Secret Six.  He makes Cheshire look incredibly seductive while still scaring the shit out of me. 

I loved his attention to the story in the last page as Black Alice, still smitten with Ragdoll, stares at the lanky lunatic while the rest of the team looks at Catman with glares of concern.

A stellar issue, Simone’s best on this title in my opinion.  I can’t wait for next months 2 installment of the arc!

Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Next Issue Coming April 14, 2010
Catman heads off to the African continent to find the three men who kidnapped his long lost son! He's been pushed to the very limit, so when the rest of the Secret Six come to his aid, don't be surprised if Catman decides to kill off his teammates as well!

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