Saturday, March 27, 2010

Geeky Nostalgia: Alec Baldwin And The Shadow

You can actually never go wrong when it comes to an Alec Baldwin film.  I recently decided that I hadn't seen The Shadow in a VERY long time, so I put it into my Netflix Queue.  My wife had never seen it and boy did she get the thrill of her life.  Next to being completely winded by the hilarity of the film Labyrinth, she was slapped in the face again by the sheer awfulness that the Shadow brings to the history of Hollywood.  She was extra excited since she's probably Alec Baldwin's biggest fan, so to have him playing the part in a campy, cheaply made film noir, she was ready for anything!

I on the other hand knew this film was bad, I just couldn't remember HOW BAD!  I was in middle school when this film came out and I of course loved it.  Being very ignorant of what makes a good and bad film, I thought this movie was the cat's meow.  After seeing this movie for this first time, I immediately went on an internet search for anything related to "The Shadow."  I even created a Superhero that resembled him, which I still hold as my best superhero creation to date.  But I was happy to find, in audio cassette form,old radio broadcasts of the original show.  I got them in the mail and listened to them non stop.

But now, watching this forgotten film has caused me to wonder about my film tastes  of my childhood and reminisce on how silly I was.  But it's still fun regardless huh?  And just a side note...Tim Curry is a FREAKY actor!  I love him!

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  1. I just rewatched this a few months ago, when I was going through an old time radio phase (and I also love Alec Baldwin). It is unbelieveably bad, especially the stuff at the very beginning. Hilarious in its own right though.