Saturday, March 6, 2010

Comic Book Review: Justice League A Cry For Justice #7 (of 7)

Book Information
Written by James Robinson
Art by Mario Cascioli

The end to James Robinson’s catastrophic mini-series comes to a close as the League runs all over Star City saving everyone who survived Prometheus’ destructive chaos.  As we go back and forth from hero to hero, the question arises, what will become of our heroes in this desperate time of need?  With an unexpected death and crippled individuals, how will the future of the League look in the coming months?

My Thoughts
Issue #6 was a doozy.  If I recall correctly, I do believe I gave that book a top ten ranking for last month.  It was Robinson’s better attempt at this lack luster series which only meant my excitement for the finale was over the top!  I honestly thought Robinson was going to deliver a booming ending that would shock and alarm and create some fantastic angst driven stories in the regular JLA title, which it may still!  However, this issue leaned more on the annoying side than anything else.

The overall scheme of this issue is creative.  However, the way Robinson brings the plot in life wasn’t exactly the best choice.  The heroes ask questions about themselves and their intentions with the creation of this new league, which become more annoying and Soap Opera-like than interesting and heartbreaking, which is what I’m sure Robinson was going for.  Amongst the chaos and craziness, every hero involved in this story is constantly jabbering away, essentially asking the same questions and statements, “What do we do?” or “I feel so lost.”  Maybe this was Robinson’s intentions.  Maybe he intended for the finale to end with such an empty feeling.  Maybe so, but the impact it had on me as a reader was very low.

Robinson dose appeal to my literary tastes as he is great at creating violently emotional situations that will affect everyone involved.  The death of Lian was something I wasn’t expecting and really opened my eyes in great surprise.  But that was more saddening and didn’t really affect me as much as seeing Freddy’s lips sown together to keep him from uttering the words “Shazam.”  That, along with Roy’s decapitated arm, Robinson really knows how to bloody up our heroes, which makes me happy.  (From a literary standpoint of course.)

It is true that Robinson did a wonderful job at giving Prometheus a much more interesting role in this series.  Prometheus has never interest me as a character; I typically find him silly and idiotic.  (And who wouldn’t with a costume like that right?)  However, Mr. Robinson gave him true purpose with an intelligent plot.  My respect for Prometheus did go up a few notches, but not enough to keep from cheering deep down inside with an ending like this…

It would be silly of me to not recognize the artistic genius of Mr. Cascioli.  It’s only a shame that Robinson’s story wasn’t NEARLY up to par with the art.  The only reason this book, or even this series, is worth picking up is for Cascioli’s artwork. 

A very poor issue.  It had some great themes, but overall the entire series was a flop.  Only get this issue for the artwork.  Read it if you’d like but don’t expect anything great.

Rating: 6 out of 10 stars

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