Saturday, March 20, 2010

Top Ten DC Comics For February 2010

10. Batman #696
Written By Tony Daniel
Art By Tony Daniel and Sandra Florea

I think Tony Daniel is rocking Batman.  He is one of the few individuals with  whom I'd trust to write and draw a successful comic book series.  I can only imagine how much time that must be taking him to do though.  Applause to you Mr. Daniel.

9. Wonder Woman 41
Written By Gail Simone
Art By Chris Batista & Dagino

Not one of Simone's better Wonder Woman stories, but still worth reading about.
8. Green Lantern Corps #45
Written By Peter Tomasi
Art By Patrick Gleeson and Tandy Mayor

Not bad at all, Red Lantern Guy Gardner was pretty damn epic.  With the work Tomasi did on #46, this title could very well be one of the better ones being published by DC.

7. Secret Six #18
Written By Gail Simone & John Ostrander
Art By Jim Calafiore

I can't describe the incredibly awesome story telling that Simone brings to this series.  Clearly this is one of the most underrated comic books being published by DC, I certainly hope it will be made available through the subscription service soon.

6. Justice League of America #42
Written By James Robinson
Art By Mark Bagley

Robinson finally delivered a Justice League story that felt like a Justice League story.  Granted he isn't near as bad as Dwayne McDuffie, but he certainly hasn't boosted the JLA rep until now.

5. Action Comics #886
Written By Greg Rucka & Eric Trautmann
Art By Pere Perez

Mythology at its best!  This issue was an outstanding piece of work that Rucka should be proud to call his!

4. Justice Society of America Annual #2
Written By Keith Giffen & Matthew Sturges
Art By Tom Derenick & Rodney Ramos

Typically the annuals are reserved for the new and upcoming writers and artists.  This book however was given to some heavy hitters, and it paid off.  Very well written and drawn, I can't picture a better comic than this one with exception of the next three.
3. Blackest Night #7
Written By Geoff Johns
Art By Ivan Reis

Geoff Johns certainly delivered a stellar issue.  The ending wasn't what I expected and it was met with much criticism, but in the end this comic certainly deserves the number three spot.
2. Justice Society of America #36
Written By Bill Willingham
Art By Jesus Merino

I loved the old school feel to this book.  Bill Willingham took the old, campy comic book story and gave it a fresh new look.  I've been tempted to drop this title, but if Willingham continues to deliver top notch story lines, I might just stick with it.

1. Power Girl 39
Written By Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Art By Amanda Conner

WOW! This comic was quite possibly the best thing to come my way in a long time.  Amanda Conner gives so much depth and character to the people in this book, especially to Power Girl.  It's so sad that she, along with her writing counter parts, will be leaving by issue #12.

Gray and Palmiotti want to torture Power Girl, I'm sure of it.  They throw every bad thing at her, from some stalker kid taking photos of her from afar to her running out completely nude right into the line of sight of an old man.  Nothing good happens to Power Girl here...and it's so much fun to see!

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