Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Comic Book Review: Justice League of America #42

Book Information
Written by James Robinson
Art by Mark Bagely

The JLA is back in full force with a brand new line up.  What is their first task?  Apart from learning how to work as a team, Dr. Impossible has decided to attack with a new assembly of super villains.  The JLA go after Congorilla Bill’s attackers, while three of the other super villains lurk into the empty JLA headquarters.  Have the JLA been successfully lured away, or is there a back up plan these three trespassers have seemed to neglect?

My Thoughts
James Robinson has found a way to give a fresh, new start to the JLA that was sorely needed.  With a plethora of new villains that I’ve never seen before that have the semblance of Darksied’s evil henchmen gods, the book bursts open with a surge of energy has been missing from the JLA title for almost a year.

The story begins with a narration toggle, going from inner monologue to inner monologue.  Four JLA members, Batman (Grayson), Donna Troy, Starfire and Green Lantern have brawl with the powerful Atlas.  It’s interesting as these four have never worked together on the same team, yet nothing but positive thinking floods each individuals mind.  Robinson is taking full advantage of the line up he has created as this will most definitely be, at least for a little while, a book about new and old heroes working through the differences in experience and approaches to fighting crime.  Something the veteran Justice Society had failed to do.

I was, of course, skeptical about the line up.  Not being a huge fan of the Titans, I wasn’t to hip on making half of the team Titan based.  This is where I fall into the trap of wanting heavy hitters to join the ranks of the title that got me into comics in the first place.  “Give me the well established Heroes” is what I constantly tell myself, which causes me to forget that it’s not the heroes that matter, but the story that goes along with it.  Robinson seems to know what he’s doing, so I’ll trust him as long as things run smoothly.

I would have liked to know who these new villains are, but lack of an introduction didn’t necessarily turn me off of the book.  They are integrated and used in the story well enough and I’m sure we will learn who they are soon.  I’m guessing they are from apocalypse based on the technology being used, but you never can be to certain.

I enjoyed the flashbacks to the old days of Uncle Sam, the Metal Men, and the other Quality Comics characters.  Being a very nostalgic person myself, having flashbacks as part of the main story is always fun for me and a great way to introduce a pivotal part of a storyline. 

Bringing the book its finalizations aspects, Mark Bagley’s artwork is a sight to see.  Especially during the sepia toned flashback sequences, Bagley creates some epic scenes containing action, suspense and moments of contemplation.  Black Canary looked especially depressed when Green Arrow was a no show to the first official JLA meeting.  Along with this, Bagley’s attention to detail is quite impressive.  Plastic Man, during the flash backs, definitely looked younger, almost kid-like.  Mark Bagley is slowly proving to me that he has what it takes to be one of the better artists in comics.

To be honest, I can’t complain.  This actually felt like a Justice League story, so props goes to Mr. Robinson!  I have no doubt that he can continue this; the momentum is too great for it not to continually progress for the better.  I’m looking forward to the months ahead for the JLA.

Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

Next Issue Coming March 31, 2010
Following the decision that occurred in JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE and the events of JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE RISE AND FALL SPECIAL #1, the World's Greatest Heroes must come to terms with who they are and what they represent. Meanwhile, an all-new danger threatens the existence of everything past and present in the exciting finale of "Team History."

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