Friday, March 19, 2010

Comic Book Review: Green Lantern Corps #46

Book Information
Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleeson

All hell breaks loose in this final Blackest Night Chapter in the world of the Green Lantern Corps.  Will they succeed in subduing the Black Lanterns?  Will they be able to put an end to Nekron and destroy the very thing keeping his Power Battery running?  Brace yourselves for some major twists and turns!

My Thoughts
With this final Blackest Night tie-in for the Green Lantern Corps, Peter Tomasi holds nothing back by throwing everything but the kitchen sink out at his readers.  (but he does seemed to throw in a refrigerator…)  This installment is so chaotic, it’s almost unbearable…but not quite.  Combined with Guy Gardner being reunited with the zombie girlfriend and Vath’s legs being singed in half from the knee down, this book gives new meaning to the phrase “Death and Destruction.”

The story starts off with a pretty creative approach on Gardner’s part.  Each Corps form a large perimeter where they create a web construct to keep the Black Lanterns at bay while destroying them at the same time.  Gleeson and Buchman did a fantastic job with the view of this image
It was a valiant effort on the Lantern’s part, even if it failed to destroy the horde of Black Lanterns.  Along with that failure came the inevitable lover’s quarrel as both Gardner and Rayner are approached by their old zombie girlfriends.  These plot tactics on Tomasi’s part was a nice touch, but this whole “visitation from the past” deal has been played out just a tad too much.  Thank God it’s the last tie-in before Blackest Night comes to a close.  However, having Rayner’s girlfriend show up in the refrigerator that Major Force stored her broken and twisted body in was creatively dark, which is my favorite aspect of Tomasi’s writing.

After that good chunk of storyline, we then revert to the question everyone has been wondering about…how does the Anti-Monitor play into Blackest Night?  I was damn happy with the answer!  It’s a fitting plot device, since Nekron is a maniacal and twisted evil villain, to imprison the Anti-Monitor in the Black Lantern power battery as an energy cell.  Gleeson made me pee myself with the explosively destructive art showing the Anti-Monitor struggling to free himself.  Now while the Corps attempts to free the Anti-Monitor from his battery prison to take the charge away, the battery continually forces the giant energy being back into its shell.  With this dangerous endeavor on the Corps’ part, Vath looses his legs and the Anti-Monitor is successfully pulled back into the power battery. 

This only touches on the chaos and destructive nature of this book.  I can’t really describe my joy in how well Tomasi and Gleeson worked on this book.  The Black Lanterns are still winning, and despite the persistent effort by each Corps, the good guys are loosing badly.  The chapter of a story where everything goes to hell in a hand basket is always the best chapter of a story.

One of the best for the month this far; A great installment for Blackest Night and worthy of noting down as one of the best Blackest Night tie-ins for the Green Lantern world.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 stars

Next Issue Coming April 28, 2010
A BRIGHTEST DAY tie-in! As BRIGHTEST DAY begins, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner, along with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps, attempt to pick up the pieces from the horrific events of BLACKEST NIGHT and take a long hard look at how the Corps is run now that major revelations have come to light. Who survived (and what the Alpha Lanterns have in store for them) is only one of the many new questions that the Green Lanterns will have to answer on the difficult and dangerous road ahead.

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