Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Comic Book Review: Wonder Woman #41

Book Information
Written by Gail Simone
Art by Chris Batista & Raul Fernandez

Wonder Woman and Power Girl go in an all out, knock down brawl to the finish!  The two mightiest women in comics take each other out as the sinister sons of Ares go on a quest to destroy Wonder Woman’s social life style and her loved ones.  Can she fight off Power Girl long enough to put a stop to the demon children’s night stalking excursion, or will Wonder Woman loose one of her closest friends?

My Thoughts
This would have to be one of the weaker issues I’ve read from Gail Simone’s time on Wonder Woman.  While still being fun and engaging, the story seemed a little too forced, as if Gail didn’t have enough time to flesh it out.  Which she didn’t!  The complexity of the demonic children of Ares is way too big to contain it within a two issue story arc.  The battle scene between Power Girl and Wonder Woman was fun, but I felt the issue was too focused on that event.  I understand the use of having the fight, to distract Wonder Woman while the kids go out causing dissent and altercations among the people Wonder Woman has come to love, creating a wonderful sense of angst.  It was a nice touch too, the whole “avenging my father” ordeal, but it didn’t play out like I think it should have.

The inner monologues of the two heroines were interesting, especially on Wonder Woman’s side.  One thing Simone has done exceptionally well is building up the passionate, strong side of Diana.  She realizes Power Girl is being manipulated and has sympathizes with her, yet she is unwilling to lie down and let Kara pummel her to the ground.  The dialogue going throughout her mind is unspeakably sensitive and strong, portraying Wonder Woman as one of the strongest characters (emotionally and physically) in DC and in comics overall.

You know, I don’t want to say the art was below average because I feel I would only be saying that because of the standard made by Mr. Lopresti.  Chris Batista and Raul Fernandez, however, just didn’t bring anything worth while to the table.  There were a a lot of inconsistencies and detailing issues that became a huge distraction for me.  Very talented, but they had a pair of BIG shoes to fill.  It will be nice though to have Nicola Scott come later this month, who’s just as talented as Lopresti.

I’m going to miss having Lopresti consistently feeding us a monthly diet of outstanding artwork, but Nicola Scott will be a more than satisfactory replacement.  The story itself was flawed and not what I’ve come to expect from Simone.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10 stars

Next Issue Coming March 31, 2010
Gail Simone and fan-favorite artist Nicola Scott reunite for this explosive tale featuring the stunning return of a star-spanning threat from Diana's past! Can even Wonder Woman stop Earth from this world-destroying madwoman? Guest-starring the Green Lantern Corps! Don't miss "The Wrath of The Silver Serpent"!

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