Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free Comic Book Day Is Approaching

Yes, Saturday, May 1st marks the most historic day known as Free Comic Book Day!  This is the day where participating comic book stores set up there shop to give away FREE COMICS!  Go to your local comic book shop to find out if your store will be participating.

Typically all comic book stores participate, but there is the slight chance that your local shop will be lame enough to not get in on this major event.  It's a great opportunity to get your kids reading, and a fantastic opportunity for geeks like me to have an excuse to buy more comics!  WOO HOO!!  There are various types of comics which range to comics for kids and adult oriented comics.

As excited as I am about this day, I didn't see a lot of comics that sparked my interest on the Free Comic Book Day website.  A lot of the comics being published for FCBD are from Marvel, IDW Publishing, and a few other independent comic companies.  However, I will be taking advantage of this day since a lot of stores have great deals in their back issue sections.  But also, there are a few very interesting looking books that I will be trying to get my hands on before anyone else does.

Last year's FCBD was pretty epic.  As a way of preparing fans for the Blackest Night event, issue #0 was published.  I do believe that issue was the first one to be grabbed off the table at Mayhem Comics back in Des Moines, Iowa.   I'm very happy to see DC is taking advantage of this day yet again with another upcoming series that has DC and Superman fans talking.

War of the Supermen brings to us the aftermath of the events from "World of New Krypton," as Superman leads a war against General Zod and his dictatorial band of agents.  I will be picking this up despite the fact that James Robinson is at the writing helm.  It's free though, can't complain.  It will give me the opportunity to see if the series will be worth paying $3 an issue for.  Robinson has done some really great stuff, but has had an equal amount of flops that doesn't give me a lot of hope that this series will be worth it.  The premise sounds good, but will Robinson deliver?

But out of everything available, I'm most excited about the comedic title Love and Capes #13.  I picked up #11 last year (apparently this book is only published twice a year?) and I laughed my head off!  It was one of the more enjoyable comics I had read that year.  #13 is definitely on my hit list before anything else.

The story is basically what you'd expect, A world wide catastrophe along with people dying, and all our hero can do is sit back because his marriage is on the line!  I love that I can pick up a FCBD comic and not worry about back story!  It's just very nice to pick a comic up, read it and not be left wanting due to the cliffhanger ending.

Also, as I'm sure Marvel is gearing up for it's May 7th release of Iron Man 2, (yuck) Marvel is presenting a two free comics; One which features Iron Man and Thor, and the other where Iron Man is teamed up with Supernova.

I probably wont pick these two comics up seeing as how I hate Marvel, but I may pick one up and glance at it to see if there's anything important I may need to know since I'll most likely end up seeing the movie.  (Damn me!)  But I don't have much to complain about seeing as how the comics are all free.  Maybe I'll get lucky enough that at least one of the comic book shops in my town will be awesome enough to allow everyone to have one of each comic available in the free category.

But the biggest news I've seen so far isn't any of the comics that are available, but the FREE Iron Man statue that is being offered.  The following was stated about the statuette on the FCBD website...

When Iron Man needs backup, he calls upon War Machine! War Machine is slated to be a major part of the May 2010 Iron Man 2 movie, and to capitalize on this, WizKids will be modifying the popular War Machine sculpt from the Marvel HeroClix: Armor Wars series as 2010's Free Comic Book Day figure. This exclusive figure comes with an all-new dial and character card.

I wont get the figurine, but I must say this is a gold mind for any and all Marvel/Iron Man fans.  Nothing was said about the quantity that each participating store will be receiving so I can't help anyone out there.  But if this is something you'd like to have, start getting your camping gear ready and prepare to sleep outside the doors of your local comic book shop the night before May 1st, who knows how fast they might go.

Otherwise, there is a list found at the FCBD website where you can find what's being published and what the storylines are.  Don't mis this incredible chance to geek out on your favorite comics!

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