Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Comic Book Review: Supergirl #51

Book Information
Written by Sterling Gates
Art by Jamal Igle

Brainiac has sent his army of killer robots down to Kandor as a distraction while he prepares to, once again, bottle up the city.  With the Legion of Superheroes under arrest by order of General Zod, Supergirl and Superboy, who is also under suspicion, must now face the terrorizing robotic army and Zod completely alone. 

My Thoughts
Kara Zor-El is an interesting character.  Thanks to the efforts of Sterling Gates, Supergirl posses all of the powers of Superman, but all of the emotional baggage that comes along with being a teenager in the states.  Because of this, Supergirl has become one of the most realistic superheroes to come around in comics next to Batman.  As a teenager whose leadership abilities go beyond her years, she always seems to carry more weight on her shoulders than most others.  Combined with the fear of loosing her loved ones and conflicted as to whose side she is on, Kara is at that defining moment in her life where she’s discovering who she is but unsure if she is doing the right thing or not.  In this issue, Kara takes big strides in not allowing her emotions to dictate what she must do.

Gates brings out the best in Supergirl, portraying more emotions than one person should be able to handle at one time before going insane.  His ability to get at the heart of a character is unsurpassed only by Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore.  Gates gives Supergirl her most shinning moment ever as she persuades her mother to release the Legion of Superheroes as there are bigger things at stake and is not worth risking the lives of her fellow Kryptonians.  But none is she most loyal too than that of her mother...

Talk about funny moments!  Instead of Conner being caught seemingly sleeping with his best friend’s girl, he’s caught seemingly trying to pound Kara’s mother face in. 

As far as comic book romances go, I think I can live with Supergirl and Mon-El hitting it off.  I know that kiss was nothing more than a “good luck” kiss, but the suggestive nature of that moment is nothing less than intriguing.  Truly, this makes me ask “what if?”  Superman’s return to Earth inevitable so I want to know what will happen with Mon-El?  Is the plan to send him back to the Phantom Zone to suffer even more, or will he stick around as another addition to the incredible large Superman family?  My vote, keep Mon-El around and give Kara the much needed companionship she’s been lacking ever since the start of this run.  (Power Boy doesn’t count!)
Jamal Igle holds nothing back with his ever so emotional approach to this character driven title.  If there is anyone more talented on giving comic book characters a visual presence, it would only be Aaron Lopresti.  Igle, not impressing me when he first came in on this title, has forced me to reexamine his art quality and the quality of comic book art in general.  This panel certainly shows what type talent Igle brings to the table and shows that the smallest of panels in a comic can be the most moving…

A great issue.  Not perfect, but does beat out a lot of the comics I’ve read so far this month.

Rating: 8 out of 10 stars

Next Issue Coming April 21st, 2010
Continued from ADVENTURE COMICS #10! Supergirl meets Brainiac 5 of the Legion of Super-Heroes for the first time! But Brainy has not only already met Supergirl, he's already loved and lost her. Confused? Not as confused as Supergirl! Plus, Brainiac unleashes a weapon that spells the end for New Krypton and only Superman and the Legionnaires can stop it!

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